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Airways Training offers a full range of Air Traffic Services courses for rated controllers looking to refresh and develop their skills in the operational environment. With highly skilled and experienced instructors, leading-edge training and simulation technologies, fully equipped campuses and facilities, and internationally recognised programmes, Airways Training will make a real difference to your business. 

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AirBook – OJT Instructor

Learn how to apply a competency training model to an operational environment, give feedback that supports learning and motivate trainees through skill deficiency diagnosis and

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ATSEP Introduction and Regulations

This “ATSEP Introduction and Regulations” AirBook covers explanations of the ATSEP role, regulations governing it, and provides a background to airspace management, meteorology, and aeronautical

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ATSEP Processing and Maintenance

This “ATSEP Processing and Maintenance” AirBook  covers basic concepts in ATM Data Processing, system management, control and monitoring, basic maintenance practices, and supporting infra-structure.

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ATSEP Safety and Human Factors

This “ATSEP Safety and Human Factors” AirBook covers the regulatory requirement for a Safety Management System, operational and occupational risk assessment, and Human Factors in an

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AirBook – Tech 101

Tech 101 discusses the types of systems and technology that are used in Air Traffic Management (ATM) to provide a safe and effective service. It is particularly useful for

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AirBook – SMS101

SMS 101 is an introduction to Safety Management Systems (SMS) for ATS personnel. It discusses how safety should be achieved, assured and promoted within ANSPs.

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AirBook: DRONE 101

The Drone 101 Airbook course covers helpful tips, Civil Aviation Rules and airspace, flight preparation and planning, operations and also includes 6 useful checklists to guide you

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AirBook – Aviation Law

Aviation Law consists of content related to the legal aspects of ATC. In this course, students will define the rules and structure of ICAO and its relationship

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