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SureSelect your way


Tailor your selection process

Airways are specialists in ATC selection. We know the importance of selecting the right people for the critical role of air traffic control, and the effect this has on training and on-the-job outcomes.

Tailor your use of SureSelect to suit your goals and budget – various options are available to help you meet your organisation’s selection needs.

Choose what you want to use

Choose which tests you want to use ICON

ATC Skill Simulations

Engaging, gamified battery of assessments that simulate key skills required by ATCs.

ATC Cognitive Ability Suite ICON

ATC Cognitive Ability Suite

Online cognitive assessments to measure key abilities required in air traffic control.

Behavioural Traits ICON

Behavioural Traits

Online questionnaire to determine if candidates possess traits correlated with success in air traffic control roles.

Interview training ICON

Interview Training

AirBooks training in ATC interview techniques.

Choose how to use SureSelect

stage-gate approach ICON

Take a stage-gate approach, reducing
applicants at each stage.

Undertake all assessments ICON

Undertake all assessments at once,
review results and select candidates.

Choose where to use SureSelect

Unsupervised testing ICON

Unsupervised testing  (e.g. complete tests online)

Supervised testing ICON

Supervised testing (e.g. at a testing centre)

Combination of testings ICON

Combination (e.g. online testing, followed by supervised final assessment)

The thorough testing provided us with quality assured results; enabling us to make a sound judgment with no room for disputes from candidates. It was independent testing, self-driven, without bias or external influence. We were happy to have used SureSelect.
Ebenezer Kwesi Sagoe
Director of Human Resources, GCAA
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