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About AirBooks

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AirBooks - interactive digital learning resources

AirBooks is our range of cloud-based interactive learning resources allowing students to work self-directed, and learn any time, anywhere and on any device while engaging with digital dynamic content.

Designed to provide engaging online training content for ANSPs and their students, available on demand, AirBooks can be accessed on a range of devices – improving training outcomes and enabling self-directed learning.

AirBooks can be purchased and downloaded individually, or as a package. 



AirBooks to suit your training needs

There are more than 40 AirBooks available in the AirBooks library, and a range of AirBooks packages across various subject areas. See below for a selection of the books available.  

Introduction to ATC






Increase the reach and availability of your training — speed up training rollouts and completion timeframes.


Break free from static text and images. Engage with interactive content, 3D animations and games, as well as assessments and quizzes that provide rapid feedback on progress.

On demand

Subscribe to the AirBooks library to access ready-to-use cloud-based resources.


Choose the right mode for your learning. AirBooks supports self-study, blended, and classroom based training.


From a smartphone to a PC screen, AirBooks responsive design will look great on any device. Download your content for offline use and take it with you wherever you go.

Without AirBooks I could never have achieved my dream of being a FIO as quickly as I did.
Aleisha Hanson
AFTN Supervisor, Airways NZ