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Scientific selection made simple

In the busy, challenging environment that is air traffic control (ATC), it’s important to have the right people. Choosing quality candidates that possess the core competencies predictive of ATC success is a key enabler for world-class ATC services.   

SureSelect is a validated, objective and automated solution that helps you narrow in on those candidates who have the required skills, aptitude and attitude to succeed as an air traffic controller.  Our range of ATC-specific test suites provide crucial information to support your selection decisions.


Select with confidence

Selecting the right people from the start saves you time and money, by reducing costly training failure and training times. SureSelect is designed to improve efficiency, speed up selection results, support impartial decision-making, and test ATC-specific competencies – in an easy-to-use online platform.

Automated process ICON

Automated process

Improved efficiency

Flexible ICON


Unsupervised and supervised testing

Mix & match ICON

Mix & match

Choose some or all of the test suites

ATC-specific assessments ICON

ATC-specific assessments

Test ATC-specific skills & attributes

Great candidate experience ICON

Great candidate experience

Gamified tests

Impartial & fair selection ICON

Impartial & fair selection

Validated tools

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Toolkit of test suites

SureSelect offers a range of online assessments, accessed via an easy-to-use platform where you can deploy tests and view results.  SureSelect assessments are tailored to ATCs and have high face-validity – they look and feel like the environment and tasks that air traffic controllers do on the job. 

Tailor your selection process

SureSelect provides the flexibility to tailor your selection process to suit your goals and budget – various options are available to help you meet your organisation’s needs.

Choose which tests you want to use ICON

Choose which tests
you want to use

how to use SureSelect ICON

Choose how to use SureSelect

Choose where to use SureSelect ICON

Choose where
to use SureSelect

Self-service online platform

Your organisational users will receive a login to our easy-to-use online platform, which provides real-time result updates, detailed per-assessment reporting, ranking of results, and per-candidate summaries. SureSelect’s tests can also be deployed directly from the Manage Candidates module, making it a simple and seamless experience.
The platform aims to make scientific selection simple – you will be able to quickly see ranked results for candidates once they have completed their testing. 

How are customers using SureSelect?

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