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Customer stories/case studies

Customer story: Airservices Australia chooses SureSelect

Airservices Australia is a government-owned organisation responsible for the safety of 11% of the world’s airspace and managing air traffic operations for around 160 million passengers on more than 4 million domestic and international flights annually (pre Covid-19).

When Airservices Australia was in the market for a robust, objective and validated testing solution for ATC candidates, they chose SureSelect – following a report released by IATA around ATC attraction, recruitment and selection which showed a clear correlation between ATC-specific testing and success in ATC training for candidates.

The organisation was utilising generic personality and skills competencies testing as a component of their ATC selection processes. Looking to enhance their selection and testing regime to incorporate best practice, Airservices Australia reviewed the findings from the IATA report and began reaching out to global organisations offering ATC-specific testing.

Airservices Australia signed a three-year contract with AIL to access SureSelect’s suite of ATC-specific tests, including ATC Skill Simulations, the Cognitive Ability suite, and the Behavioural Traits questionnaire.

More than 1,500 ATC candidates have already undertaken SureSelect testing since the contract began in August 2021, which is a great achievement especially given the challenges of the recent Covid-19 Delta outbreak.

Approx 4,500 candidates to be tested every year for three years

Unsupervised testing online, with validation testing later

SureSelect chosen for ATC specific testing

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