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Sim configurations

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Choose a TotalControl sim to suit your needs

Choose the size and portability of your simulator using off-the-shelf hardware. TotalControl is available in multiple configurations – from large multi-position tower CABs to portable ‘Sim-in-a-suitcase’ options, there’s a TotalControl simulation solution to meet your specific needs.

Large CAB

LCD panel solution well suited for multiple advanced control positions.

Single CAB

A more compact, immersive CAB ideal for one-on-one training.

Digital/Remote tower

Enhance any tower CAB for digital tower training.

Surveillance sim

Flexible configurations and integration options to meet your training needs.


Modular, mobile desktop solutions that pack the full power of TotalControl.

Multi-purpose stations

Deploy, edit, instruct and pilot your exercises from any position.

Multiple sim configurations

Sim in a suitcase - our mobile desktop simulator

The TotalControl Sim-in-a-suitcase is a desktop simulator with a focus on portability and ease of transport. Packed down into custom modular cases for safe and easy transportation, this sim has been designed to scale up or down to suit any organisation’s training needs.

The Sim-in-a-suitcase is ideal for deploying into towers, CBT labs and to supplement remote sim sessions. With this as part of your training fleet, you will reduce staff time off the roster, deliver more frequent sim training from any location, and minimise travel costs.

One portable sim case constitutes one sim position. Each case has all of the hardware required to be used as the following roles:

  • Tower view and CWP
  • Surveillance CWP
  • Sim pilot
  • Supervisor
  • Data preparation

Cases can also be combined for multi-role sim exercises.

Fast & simple

Less than 20 minutes to set up


Hours, not days off the roster for controllers needing to train

Easy & convenient

Packs down into modular cases for safe and easy transport

Setting up your Sim in a suitcase

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“Mobile simulator training allows controllers to refamiliarise themselves with the fast-paced communication and processing required in a post-pandemic environment.”
Jon Brooks
Chief Controller, Queenstown Tower Airways New Zealand
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