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NZQA qualifications & pathways

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NZQA qualifications

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) qualifications (currently approved for delivery in Kuwait and New Zealand) comprise core compulsory standards representing the competencies required by students, and endorsements recognising the specialised application within the sector. 

Students who enrol in these qualifications can achieve both the ICAO course certificates and NZQA certificate and diplomas.

These programmes are delivered face-to-face either in New Zealand or at an approved international academy, such as at the Australian College of Kuwait in Kuwait City (each location is subject to NZQA approval).

Air traffic control (ATC) training cohort AI1121

NZQA pathways

Level 5 - Certificate (60 credits)

New Zealand Certificate 
Air Traffic Services

Four unit standards

Training academy:

  • Air law and operational procedures
  • Aeronautical meteorology
    and air navigation 
  • Principles of flight
    and aircraft performance
  • Human performance

Level 6 - Diploma (120-140 credits)

New Zealand Diploma 
Air Traffic Services

Four endorsements

Training academy:

  • Aerodrome Control and Approach Control Procedural
  • Area Control Surveillance and Area Control Procedural

On-job training (flight service):

  • Oceanic Air-ground
  • Flight Information (Area and/or Aerodrome)

Level 7 - On-job training

New Zealand Diploma 
Air Traffic Services

Five endorsements

On-job training (air traffic control):

  • Aerodrome Control
  • Approach Control Procedural
  • Area Control Surveillance
  • Approach Control Surveillance
  • Area Control Procedural
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