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Flight inspection services

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We provide ICAO compliant, independent flight inspection services to our customers.

Our specialists are experts in calibrating radio and visual navigation aids and radar systems, and in validating instrument flight procedures.

Our inspection engineers are also navigation aid experts, meaning they can add plenty of value to your business. 

We offer:

  • Immediate, simple to understand certification results and a flight inspection certificate

  • On-the-spot interpretation of any errors found during the flight inspection, so that we can immediately restore service

  • Reduced aerodrome disruption through use of an automated system

  • A methodology to reduce the regularity of Flight Inspections based on past outcomes – therefore reducing the overall cost of certification

  • A full range of flight inspection services

  • Understanding of the different perspectives of pilot, navigation aid engineer, flight inspection engineer and flight procedures designer

  • The ability to fit out and calibrate a local aircraft for flight inspection operation, in situations where use of Airways’ prime aircraft is not economically viable.

Our flight inspection team works internationally, with customers around the world, to ensure safety and efficiency in the skies. 

Flight inspection services team

During inspections, Airways deploys a skilled specialist flight inspection engineer with the flight crew, to capture and analyse data, and report findings. This engineer can also provide onsite advice in relation to measures that could optimise performance of the navigation facilities.

In addition to our experienced flight inspection engineers, Airways provides qualified navigation procedure flight validators – many of whom are trained pilots. Airways flight inspection engineers and flight validators are trained and certified under a fully documented ISO 9001-compliant process.

Airways experts can offer flight inspection-related consulting, and can also provide the tools to help you develop your own flight inspection capability. This includes assistance with customer aircraft selection and supply if required, aircraft equipage, and flight inspection engineer and aircrew training. We can also help problem solve issues concerning navigation aid and aircraft instrument operation or accuracy.