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Customer stories/case studies

Customer story: Mobile simulation in action at Airways

The use of mobile simulation and remote sim piloting at Airways is enabling greater flexibility in sim training, helping ANSPs to reduce training costs and increase efficiency.

The customer & situation

Airways New Zealand has been using TotalControl simulators to train Airways air traffic controllers since they were first developed more than 15 years ago.

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world in early 2020, border and travel restrictions meant that controllers in New Zealand had a sustained period of controlling lower than usual traffic levels.

Training in the simulator is critical to ensuring controllers maintain their skills managing busier traffic loads, so they are competent and confident when traffic ramps back up to pre-Covid levels. However, travel restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic meant that Airways controllers were unable to travel to train in the TotalControl simulator located at Airways Training’s Christchurch facilities.

The solution

To enable simulator training to continue during this critical time, Airways New Zealand deployed TotalControl mobile desktop simulators to several regional towers for training ATCs, enabling simultaneous sim training across multiple locations as a safe and effective remote training solution.

Dean Urquhart, ATS Manager Planning & Performance for Airways, says mobile simulation enables Airways to take a much more agile approach to training ATCs, providing flexibility, consistency and efficiency, and enabling more frequent sim training for controllers.

Fast & simple

Quick and easy to set up

Cost effective

Hours, not days off the roster
Reduced travel costs

Easy & convenient

Sim in a suitcase

Flexibility & efficiency for regional towers

Mobile simulation is a cost-effective remote training solution with sustainability in mind – controllers only need to take hours, not days off the roster, and travel costs are greatly reduced.

Queenstown Tower was one of the first regional towers in New Zealand to implement mobile simulators for training purposes. Training to date completed in the mobile simulator includes re-current training that previously required staff to travel to Christchurch four times a year. The mobile simulator has also been used in Queenstown to validate new internal processes.

Mobile simulation provides us with many more training opportunities for ATCs needing to refresh their skills. It’s particularly helpful for providing response training for controllers who need to train for particular scenarios.

Dean Urquhart
ATS Manager Planning & Performance, Airways New Zealand

Mobile simulator training allows controllers to refamiliarise themselves with the fast-paced communication and processing required in a post-pandemic environment.

Jon Brooks
Chief Controller, Queenstown Tower

Remote sim piloting with TotalControl

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