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Procedure Design

Aeropath is the largest commercial procedure design organisation in Asia Pacific, with decades of design experience throughout the region. Our highly experienced procedure designers work with state regulators, ANSPs, airlines and airport authorities to design, verify, and maintain reliable, state-of-the-art flight procedures and solutions. Find out more at the Aeropath website. 

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Procedure Design Services

Airport and Terminal Area Instrument Flight Procedure Design is an increasingly complex endeavour because of evolving navigation technology, growing air traffic, airspace congestion, environmental and community concerns.  Aeropath’s designers, instructors, training material, and software are world class and able to provide airport customers solid, state of the art solutions.  Aeropath has experience with multiple jurisdictions and is a contributing member of ICAO’s Instrument Flight Procedures Panel (IFPP).  We have received ICAO recognition for PBN and conventional procedures and our practices are aligned with the latest ICAO SARPs. 

All Aeropath procedure designers are trained to the highest international standards.  We operate in a variety of regulatory environments and the terrain we encounter is varied and challenging.  Conventional and PBN flight procedure design is highly regulated and design rules are constantly updated. Quality assurance of designed procedures is a mandatory design element and Aeropath takes this mandate seriously and operates under a continuous improvement model with strict quality control measures and checks and balances in place. 

Aeropath’s Flight Procedure Design department has the infrastructure and expertise to design, verify and maintain Flight Procedures.  Our customers include State regulators, ANSPs, Airlines and Airport authorities.  Our broad experience ensures a great fit with your organisation’s needs. 

Aeropath areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: 

  • Experienced Procedure Designers 
  • Experienced with multiple jurisdictions 
  • Contributing member to ICAO’s Instrument Flight Procedures Panel (IFPP) 
  • Deep PBN knowledge and skill 
  • ICAO PANS-OPS Doc 8168 – Conventional, PBN, Precision, Non-Precision, MSA, Holds 
  • ICAO Doc 9905 – RNP Navigation 
  • ICAO Annex 14 – Aerodromes 
  • APV/Baro-VNAV 
  • Providing World Class Effective Training Solutions 
  • Helicopters – General, Point in Space Approaches and Departures 
  • Obstacle Assessment and Management 
  • Geodesy – Projections and Transformations 

PBN and Procedure Design | Training Instructor-led Training

We offer in-person and virtual instructor-led training options from basic to advanced. We also offer the ability to customise the course content to meet your learning requirements, offering you a practical and cost-effective solution for your specific training needs.