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Customer stories/case studies

Customer story: ATC-specific testing chosen by Ghana

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) is the national aviation authority and regulatory agency of the Republic of Ghana. GCAA provides air navigation services within the Accra Flight Information Region, which comprises the airspace over the Republics of Ghana, Togo and Benin, and a large area over the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea.

GCAA undertook a recruitment campaign to recruit 20 new air traffic controllers. Using locally provided psychometric tests to address their unique cultural requirements, they shortlisted 214 candidates to undertake SureSelect’s ATC Skill Simulations tests at a testing centre.

The ultimate positive outcome was a 100% pass rate in training for the selected candidates – thanks to a robust, objective approach to selection and testing.

This engaging gamified suite of role-specific tests assesses real on-the-job behaviours, with tests for short term memory, spatial awareness, remembering relationships, and effectiveness in a radar simulation (safety, efficiency and multi-tasking).

214 ATC candidates successfully completed testing over two days

Target of recruiting 20 ATCs exceeded – 22 candidates selected

Excellent results in training – 100% pass rate for candidates

SureSelect’s thorough testing provided us quality assured results, enabling us to make a sound judgement with no room for disputes. It was independent testing, self-driven, without bias or external influence.

Ebenezer Kwesi Sagoe
GCAA Director of Human Resources

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