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Customer stories/case studies

Customer story: VATM evolve their selection process

Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) is the air navigation service provider responsible for the delivery of air traffic services in Vietnam. VATM manages two Flight Information Regions (FIRs), eight international airports, 13 domestic airports and approx. 800,000 flights per year.

When VATM started their search for ways to evolve their selection process, they looked to SureSelect by Airways. VATM had a relationship with Airways for ATC training, and used SureSelect to identify suitable students to travel to New Zealand for air traffic control training with Airways through the VATM Study Abroad Programme, before returning to Vietnam to complete on-the-job training with VATM.

Given the investment the students and their families were making, and the opportunity VATM was providing, it was essential that candidates selected possessed the core competencies predictive of ATC success. Therefore, VATM wanted to use validated selection tools tailored to the ATC sector. They utilised SureSelect because of its toolkit approach, which enabled VATM to undertake their own assessment of cultural fit, while also relying on SureSelect modules.

Over two recruitment campaigns, VATM selected 52 trainees with the underlying attributes required to successfully complete ab initio training. Incorporating SureSelect into their selection process has yielded great results with training success to date at 97% in the training academy and on the job training pass rates tracking as expected.

52 trainees recruited over two recruitment campaigns

97% pass rate at the training academy

Confidence in selection methodology

VATM appreciates the cooperation for over 20 years with Airways New Zealand, one of the leading training providers of the next generation of ATCs in Vietnam. The SureSelect process is very suitable and effective to identify capable candidates that assure training success. This has been proven by reliable training outcomes.

Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Nga
VATM Personnel Department

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