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UA Traffic Management

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Manage your UA activity with AirShare

AirShare provides real-time display and management of UA activity, integration with UA detection systems in and around aerodrome control zones, and a one-stop shop for drone pilots to plan flights, gain approvals and operate safely. 

AirShare’s Airspace Manager module enables you to:

  • Manage UA flight requests from a single operational console
  • Provide geo-awareness, flight authorisation, traffic information and remote ID services
  • Communications with pilots to ensure flight operations are adhered to
  • Increase ATC situational awareness
  • Reduce ATC workload
  • Reduce risk and increase compliance.
Airways has used AirShare in our tower operations across New Zealand since 2014. AirShare helps us to manage drone operations by providing accurate information to air traffic controllers. Drone operators can log their flight details into AirShare which then generates information for our controllers in the tower.

This information allows us to make timely decisions and approvals on safe areas and altitudes for drones to operate in the vicinity of the aerodrome, which in turn assists with managing the workload involved in drone operations.
Tim Bradding
Head of Aerodrome Services, Airways
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