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051 ATS Licensing Subjects – virtual course

The 051 ATS Licensing Subjects course contains a series of seven modules, providing students with a comprehensive introduction to Air Traffic Services. This training programme forms the essential base knowledge for all other air traffic control and flight information courses.

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ATSEP Basic (virtual course)

This training programme comprises of four modules, providing students with an overall picture of the technology used by an ANSP, and understand the operation of aircraft and ATC in relation to that technology.

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OJT Instructor (virtual course)

Become a qualified OJT Instructor and learn how to apply a competency training model, give feedback that supports learning and motivate trainees through skill deficiency diagnosis and positive reinforcement.

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Watch Supervisor (virtual course)

The aim of this course is to equip participants with the necessary skills required to function as a Watch Supervisor. Participants will be introduced to the key concepts of effective leadership and their role in safety.

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