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Customer stories/case studies

Customer story: Takeoff Aviation Academy

Takeoff Aviation Academy chose Airways’ TotalControl simulation technology following its search for a high quality, versatile desktop ATC simulator solution for tower, approach and area surveillance.

Customer challenge

Takeoff Aviation Academy is an emerging air traffic control (ATC) training provider based in the United Kingdom.

With their growing relationship with EuroControl and wide-reaching on-site training, Takeoff Aviation Academy needed a high quality, versatile desktop ATC simulator solution for tower, approach and area surveillance. As part of their requirements, the desktop simulator needed to be small enough to be taken to a customer’s site for training should the need arise.

Customer needs

Versatile sim solution

For tower, approach and area surveillance

Portable sim solution

For customer site training

High Quality graphics

Airways’ solution

At Takeoff Aviation Academy’s training facilities in Lancing, United Kingdom, Airways installed a single-position 8-screen desktop TotalControl tower simulator and a single-position surveillance simulator for approach and area control.

Also installed were two multi-purpose simulator pilot positions that can be used by either simulator, as well as exercise planning and creation.

Airways’ TotalControl simulation solution was selected by Takeoff for its unique TrueView photo-realism, and flexibility to be configured to meet their ATC training needs.

TrueView – Enhanced tower experience

For their desktop simulator Takeoff Direct chose TrueView, a state-of-the-art graphics implementation unlike any other ATC simulator on the market. TrueView provides a hybrid of 360-degree, high resolution panoramic imagery captured from each control tower and the underlying terrain data to provide a simulation experience almost indistinguishable from the real thing. 

TotalControl also offers an Airport Builder module featuring ‘photo-real’ tower graphics — a combination of 3D terrain data overlaid with photo-realistic models and textures. A photo-real model is achieved by overlaying photographed ‘skins’ onto 3D models.

Portable, flexible, cost-effective

The portable desktop simulator delivered for Takeoff Aviation Academy can be packed down into cases small and light enough to be checked in as luggage on most major airlines. It features a generic training environment that can be tailored to fit the wide range of courses offered by the academy.

Flexibility and cost efficiency were important for Takeoff — with this in mind, the simulator solution uses commercial-off-the-shelf, customer-sourced hardware which reduced costs and procurement lead times. 

Both the aerodrome and surveillance systems are fully scalable and can meet our anticipated growth in future training demands and match the complexities of the airspace/airfield designs. The system offers leading edge in use of 3D simulations that provide a realistic digital output.

Oliver T Farirayi
Business Development (Takeoff Aviation Group)

Customer experience

Immersive 3D sim experience

Real-world visual environment through leading-edge TrueView graphics

Easy to use

Intuitive sim piloting and exercise creation

Designed by ATCs

Backed by technology experts