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Aeropath and CAA to modernise Aeronautical Information Management services

Aeropath is certified under the New Zealand Civil Aviation Part 175 to provide Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) services for New Zealand, which includes managing the end-to-end production of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) for New Zealand.

This contract expires on 30 June 2025, and a project is now underway between Aeropath and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand to develop a new long-term contract to modernise the provision of AIM services in New Zealand.

The provision of AIM services is a key component in the safe and efficient operation of aviation within the Flight Information Regions for which New Zealand is responsible. The Director of Civil Aviation has approved a direct-source approach to continue working with Aeropath for the supply of AIM services for New Zealand – a decision following consideration of the current state, future requirements and the market related to the supply of AIM services within New Zealand.

Stakeholder engagement will be undertaken from January to February 2024 to confirm requirements for the modernisation of AIM services, and these requirements will inform the new contract.  The Aeropath team is looking forward to continuing an enduring partnership with the CAA, to ensure successful delivery of AIM services under the contract.